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voxel, survival, crafting

Enter the world of Voltcube - a block-based, open-world survival game with limitless possibilities. Crafted in Unreal Engine 5, Voltcube blends creativity and survival in stunning, realistic graphics. Delve into a unique, procedurally generated world, and use your imagination to build anything from simple homes to intricate castles with our extensive building mechanics. Utilize our enhanced tool system, explore for unique loot, and join our vibrant Discord community. Add Voltcube to your Steam wishlist and embark on your adventure today!


Join us on an exciting journey as we shape the world of Voltcube! Just like Valheim, we've adopted an open development approach, frequently releasing demos for you to try, test, and provide feedback. This is your unique chance to be part of Voltcube's development process, to influence its direction, and to see your ideas come to life in a game you love. We believe in creating a game with our players, for our players. So why wait? Be part of our journey and let's create something extraordinary together.